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A word on the founder

Passions: Technology, Collaboration, Music

Wadih is an information technology managed service provider and full stack developer with 20+ years experience with a demonstrable knowledge and passion about cybersecurity.

Skills: Full-stack developer and system administrator

He is the founder of Systèmes MW, a web and technology infrastructure company, and co-founder of Création MW, an alliance that takes on multi-disciplinary digital projects with positive environmental impact.

Wadih differentiates himself from his competitors with his human approach. Customers that work with Wadih genuinely enjoy the experience because he is passionate about his work, laser focused on success, and that transpires through his solutions and approach.

As a self taught programmer, and McGill engineering graduate, Wadih is able to have the most technical discussions, and as a founder and co-founder, and trained in leadership, he is able to have the right high level discussions to steer the project towards success.

He is an active Toastmasters member and volunteer at the Moderator’s bilingual club in Montreal.



Monday-Friday: 8am - 5pm

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