I.T. Management

Do you need a continuous I.T. presence and knowhow for your company? Would you like to have continuity in your I.T. management and prevent technology disasters at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee? Let us bring the industry best practises to your business, and keep your environment up to date as those best practises evolve every year. *Pricings listed are for offices and networks of small size. Read more


Backup-Only Plan

Do you need an entry level affordable service to start working with Systems MW? Try our continuous Backup-Only Plan today.

Software Services

Do you have a software idea to help power your business? Are you tired of trying to fit an existing solution or using “no-code” solutions that always end having code involved? Let us taylor build your dream system for your company.

ERP Construction

Unlimited changes package

KPI's and graphs

Tailored to your business operations

Web Design

Do you need a web presence for your company? Not interested in re-learning their control panel every time? Let us create your dream website for you.

Create a new website

Unlimited changes package

Artists available

À la carte

High speed hosting discounted: 120$ / year

High speed hosting Business: 180$ / year

Website reseller hosting available

Custom server types hosting available

Web backups and retention: included in all hosting packages

Domains (.ca, .com, etc): market price

Microsoft Mailbox: 120$ / year

Standard IMAP Mailbox: 60$ / year

Miscellaneous work: 1$ / minute

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