I.T. Services & Backups

Systems MW offers professional I.T. services as well as business backup services.

Business backups

The Cloud is a great tool for collaboration, but it doesn’t protect against files being modified or deleted by mistake or otherwise.

Backups are an important practice to perform onsite as well as offsite for protection against physical damage such as water damage, fire, theft, loss, as well as digital damage such as human error, corruption, cryptolockers, viruses, and other unknown unknowns.

Systems MW offers two variations of the business backups service:

Professional Services

For various routine I.T. work and advanced server & network work.

Possible incidents to prevent

Here are some examples of incidents that may be encountered by a client:

Physical incidents:

  • Hard drive that breaks
  • Faulty motherboards
  • Faulty power supply
  • Faulty RAM memory
  • Water damage
  • Fall on equipment
  • Fire damage
  • Physical theft of equipment
  • Disk mishandling
  • Other unexpected surprises


Digital incidents:

  • Malfunctioning backups
  • Incomplete backups
  • Employee error
  • Viruses attack
  • Cryptolocker attack
  • Ransomware attack
  • Internal data leak
  • Customer data leak
  • Employee data leak
  • Targetted cyberattack
  • Other unexpected surprises


It takes only one disaster to ruin years of good times.

Don’t wait. Systems MW recommends taking the right precautions in advance.


Maître Blandine Sala

Our firm recommends without any hesitation the IT services of Systems MW. They have been with us for several years and have assisted us at each stage of our growth by fully understanding our business reality. Our processes have been optimized to the delight of our employees and our customers. The availability of the team and the solutions offered quickly make Systems MW a partner of choice!


Dr. Bassel Kano

For over 10 years, Systèmes MW kept our network running without a glitch, our data secure and they constantly give us personalized solutions to accompany the evolution of our business. I highly recommend systèmes MW without any reservations.

How to start

Systems MW will do the first backup for free to measure the quantity of data required in order to make an estimation.

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